There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today…

February 9th, 2020

I was thinking today… about the threat of a Chinese bio-engineered cold virus. A secret society in America working with China, pulling strings to impeach a US President. And those damn Russians somehow involved again, but we can never quite put our finger on it…

What the HELL is going on in this world? Does this craziness somehow all fit together like a big puzzle?

YES! Such is the situation posed in SOURCE, which I published in May 2017. (Okay, it’s a rhinovirus and a Democratic president, but still…)

What might a Chinese leader do next to gain leverage and secure their power? Monopolize rare earth metals (including those in the US)? That’s too easy. How about create a military conflict with India? Think that’s too far fetched? (The former head of Indian Special Forces who helped me didn’t think so).

And how might a small group of American NOC operatives fight back in a human intelligence environment made near-impossible by today’s technology and the pervasiveness of the Chinese surveillance state? How do they survive in an environment where all of the American intelligence services are plagued by security leaks? What radical techniques might this small team reporting only to the President employ? What legal and ethical boundaries might be crossed when the enemy has none?

I’m just scratching the surface, but it’s all part of SOURCE…and so I thought it earned a small brag today…after almost three years later. ?