SEMINAR is a Kindle Book Review Award Semi-Finalist!

September 20th, 2020

I’m happy that SEMINAR was recognized as a semi-finalist by the Kindle Book Review in its annual 2020 awards! This means it made the genre Top 20 list for Horror / Suspense and earned the KBR badge.

It’s a tough contest, and some commercially recognizable names grace the list. I spotted Paul Levine and CHEATER’S GAME, his latest, on the Mystery/Thriller list.  I was on a Thrillerfest panel with Paul when MEASURE OF DANGER was published. His wry humor always comes through on the pages.

SEMINAR is a short read and so quite different than most of the entrants. We’ll see how that plays out and whether 49 pages can be powerful enough to move forward compared to a full novel format. There is much excellent material on the semi-finalist list, and such an interesting variety!

Funny memory: my first indication SEMINAR was unique occurred when I sent a draft to my brother. He’s a sci-fi and thriller purist, and I fully expected him to hate a psychological suspense story mostly set inside a hotel conference room. No, I was surprised–he loved it!

2020 and COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed the game on conferences. I look forward to the time where we can again reconnect with colleagues and expand our networks…creepy seminars aside. :)

Have a safe last quarter of 2020! –JK