Publication Day is here!

June 16th, 2015

When I began MEASURE OF DANGER a few years ago, there was always that question of whether it would be worth the effort. I now understand this feeling isn’t unusual for new authors. Rarely did I have doubts about finishing my first mental marathon, though. Like a race, sometimes when it hurts, you repeat to yourself in your mind: just don’t stop.


The journey started as a fun Kindle ebook experiment and has grown into a first-time, revised print edition that today I introduce with pride. I finally reached the true finish line.

The book would not have made it to the finish without these three forces of good.

  • First, I have to thank Kjersti Egerdahl from Thomas & Mercer, Amazon Publishing, for giving MEASURE OF DANGER this opportunity to get on the varsity squad and out to the world!
  • Next, I have to thank my early readers (my Guardians and Sentries, ha) for giving this project enough wind to achieve liftoff. Your unexpected fanaticism has always put a smile on my face.
  • Finally, I also have to anonymously thank a kind literary agent for taking the time to provide feedback on my original manuscript. Those notes impacted my revised manuscript and self-pubbed edition, which received wonderful editorial reviews and created enough sales to attract market attention.

Every bit of encouragement I’ve received on this journey will always be treasured. Thank you! :)

Now, on to the sequel.