September 15th, 2014


Pictures are great. I love them as much as the next guy. Some will argue we obssess with taking too many photos in the smartphone age. You know, we should try to actually be in the moment. How clear are those memories of ours when we never take a photo? Hmm. Makes you think… Anyway, my brain spit out a somewhat dark poem on this matter. Maybe a short story horror idea. Or maybe I memorize and recite this in a strange voice the next time someone takes a selfie, ha ha. Hope you like it…


You wanted to capture the moment forever
A picture to share and to make you laugh
And then over years you started to find
Your memory was lost in that photograph
Back on the day you looked through that camera
While your mind was there to take in the view
You really didn’t capture that moment at all
The photo just stole the memory from you

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