Book-Beer Pair #12: PINES by Blake Crouch and Alpha Dog

December 28th, 2014

I’m doing something different for this review. I’m going to say you need to read PINES, the first book in a trilogy by Blake Crouch, also a forthcoming TV series on FOX this Spring. I think it definitely should be read BEFORE the series is on TV. I’ve read all three books, and while all are great, I think PINES is best.

I’m not going to tell you anything about the book other than this: Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke is sent to Wayward Pines, Idaho to investigate two missing agents.

Don’t read anything else on the book description. Read no reviews or spoilers. Avoid these temptations at all cost! And please do not comment here on any plot details if you have read it.

I say this because PINES is like an excellent Twilight Zone episode. For comparison, I enjoyed it much more than DOCTOR SLEEP, an earlier review of mine. Sometimes these kinds of novels are best when you dive in and know as little as possible. So do it…

BUT…you need a good beer, of course. Alpha Dog Imperial IPA by Laughing Dog Brewing, Ponderay, Idaho is my pick. You may understand my rationale, outside of Alpha Dog’s superb taste, when you finish the story. Even if this isn’t your regular kind of book, give it a try and I bet it will be a welcome aberration…